Faith – Believing You CAN do it!

Faith - Believing you can do it

Having the confidence to believe in ourselves doesn’t come easily for a lot of us. We often limit ourselves because we don’t feel like our gifts or talents are good enough, or that other people are better than us. We don’t give things a go because we hold ourselves back through fear and lack of self-belief. Yet, God doesn’t want us to live like this. He wants us to have the faith to believe that we CAN do it and {Read More}

Are You Weary?

Are You Weary?

There are times in our lives when we just feel rubbish. Our family gets struck by illness. We feel overwhelmed by stress and worry. Our problems seem to get the better of us. We just feel weary. The good news of the Gospel is that Jesus came for those who feel like this. He didn’t bypass those who were struggling heading straight for the super-Christians, those who would do big things for the kingdom of God. No Jesus came for {Read More}

Doing a Great Work

doing a great work

I love to help other people. I love to be involved in ministry at church, and in my children’s activities. Are you like me, and discover that even though you can’t do it all, you still find yourself trying to do too much? Do you have a bit too much on your plate? When Nehemiah led the Israelites to rebuild the wall around Jerusalem, he was faced with much opposition from Israel’s enemies. Men, and leaders, of foreign lands saw {Read More}

How Are You Going to Give God Glory Today?

Give god glory

When you wake up there are probably many things that you might have in your head that you need to do that day. But in your mental to-do list do you have to give God glory as a purpose for the day? This should be at the heart of what we hope to do every day of our lives. As many of you who are familiar with this blog will know I’m a morning person. This means that the moment {Read More}

Leaning on Grace & Essential Fridays #43


Grace is something I need so much in my life. The older I get the more I realise just how much I need it. Because my weaknesses are abundant. I yelled at one of my kids too loudly only yesterday. I became frustrated with my husband when it was the last thing he needed. I have gone off the boil yet again with my quiet time routine. And I judge people. All the time. I inwardly criticise, apportion blame, assess {Read More}

Prayer Power Cleaning

Prayer power cleaning

Have you ever not prayed for something because you are scared it’s a prayer that won’t be answered? Because, although often prayer is a comfort, a reassurance, a strength-giving opportunity, sometimes it can feel risky, edgy and a bit dangerous. Why? Because trusting God with what is important to us can be hard. What if God doesn’t answer our prayers with the results we are hoping for? Will that feel like some kind of rejection? Like maybe there’s something wrong {Read More}

Spiritual Transformation – A Different Perspective

spiritual transformation

Do you ever get frustrated and wonder where you’re going wrong in your Christian life? You just seem to mess it up all the time. You never seem to be able to shake off those bad habits. It feels like there is no progress. When I set myself goals I’m ok if I can see a little bit of progress. I can then patiently move forwards knowing that bit by bit I’m heading for change. Yet, if I feel like {Read More}

Being Me-Centred – When You Need to be Removed From Yourself

Boy Praying

Today I welcome another of our contributor team of writers, MommySue. This devotion fits so well with our series Spring Clean Your Life and is a wonderful reflection on how to take the focus of ourselves and back to God. “Do nothing from rivalry or conceit, but in humility count others as more significant than yourselves. Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others.” Philippians 2:3-4 ESV Ever feel so {Read More}

Removing the Stains of Regret & Essential Fridays #42

removing the stains of regret

When I look at my life I know how blessed I am, three happy growing kids, a contented marriage and a lovely home. Yet often I feel slight regret. I see friends around me who are in successful careers or thriving ministries and I wonder why I’ve never achieved anything like that. Why hasn’t God used me in this way? Why aren’t I good enough? Today, in our series Spring Clean Your Life we are going to look at removing {Read More}

Cleansing that Mummy Guilt

Cleansing that mummy guilt

One of the things I never saw coming when I became a mum was the lifelong guilt trip you seem to sign up for. We feel guilty because we were unable to have the birth experience we had planned. Or breast feeding didn’t work out. Or we go out to work and are unable to spend the amount of time we would like with our kids. Or we don’t go out to work and wish we did because we find {Read More}