How to Stay Connected to God

How to Stay Connected to GodStaying connected to God all the time is difficult isn’t it?

I have periods of my life when I do quite well, I read the Bible regularly, experience prayer time which grows me in my understanding of who God is and how He works in my life and I know His presence in my day-to-day life.

However, there are many times when I end up losing touch and find connecting with God a real struggle.

I have worries and stresses, I sometimes find concentrating hard  and get easily distractedor I just find I’m too busy.

So, how do we stay connected to God at these times where we feel weak, over-committed, exhausted or heavy-hearted?

Here are  my top five suggestions for how to turn your spiritual life around when you find yourself in a disconnected-from-God rut.

1.  Meditate on just one Bible verse

If you are struggling to keep up your normal quiet time routine then do what you CAN rather than give up completely.

Sometimes, all we have the capacity for is a single verse of encouragement to hold on to throughout the day or week.  Yet, the treasures that we can receive from just one verse of God’s word if we let it dwell in our hearts for a while can be just as profound as a longer Bible study.  A tiny bit is better than nothing at all.

We can connect with God throughout our day just by reading, re-reading and reflecting on one Bible verse and grow through the truth it holds.

For more on meditating on the Bible, check out How to Treasure the Bible in Your Heart

2.  Pray the Jesus Prayer

When I’m feeling low I often struggle to pray as I tend to retreat inwards.  I’m an introvert and find talking and sharing exhausting, especially if I’m not on top form to begin with.  This applies even to my prayer life.

At times like these saying a prayer like the Jesus Prayer, “Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner”, regularly throughout the day can be enough to keep me connected to God.

Or if you speak in tongues maybe just unleashing your spiritual language can express more than words.

3.  Pamper yourself

We need to recognise that if we don’t look after ourselves it eventually affects every part of us, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. If we pamper ourselves when we are feeling low, not only will it help us to relax, make us feel a little better and give us a few moments of much-needed “me-time”, but it may revitalise our ability to connect with God again.

We need to make sure we take the time to refuel and look after ourselves if we are to avoid burning out and losing touch with God.

Why not check out Rest by Having Me-Time – My Top Ten Favourite Ways to Relax for more ways to look after yourself and revitalise your relationship with God.

4.  Indulge in a good Christian book

I don’t advocate reading Christian books as a substitute for reading the Bible for any kind of ongoing, long-term basis.  Christian books are great but we must make sure we read the Bible as well to grow and understand in God’s Word.

However, sometimes reading a Christian book is all we can manage and it can be a really helpful way to receive when we are struggling to connect with God on our own.  Sometimes, reading something which relates to how we are feeling and which gives advice to help us move forwards can help us to overcome things that are blocking us in our relationship with God.

5.  Share with Christian friends

We need to be real with other Christians who we trust when we are struggling to connect with God.  It’s something that a lot of us go through from time to time and if we are vulnerable enough to share these times with each other we can receive support, prayer and encouragement.

It also helps us to learn about each other, understand that we are not the only people who struggle, and gain helpful insight into our friends’ relationships with God.

To find out more check out Prayer Friends.

Jesus said “I am the vine; you are the branches.  If a man remains in Me and I in him, he will bear much fruit; apart from Me you can do nothing.” – John 15:5-8

As we can see from John 15, if we live apart from God we cannot bear fruit.  We wither, rather than thrive and grow.  We struggle on our own, rather than seeking God in prayer and miss out on His working in our lives.  We fail to reflect God’s glory in our lives and in growing as a disciple of Jesus.

Jesus is telling us to abide in Him, remain in Him, or stay in Him, so that in all that we do we are rooted in Him.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to live like this?  For every moment of our lives to be lived in the knowledge of His presence and strength?

For more on this subject check out our book – packed full of helpful tips and biblical advice!

How to stay connected to God

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