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Joy from having everything we needDuring the last three years my husband and I have experienced some pretty major changes in our lives. Through this we have learnt how to trust in God in new ways and what it means to have the joy of knowing that everything we need is supplied by God.

We followed a calling into ministry which meant leaving our current employment, home and community where we were very happy. Sadly, this didn’t work out how we were led to believe that it would and we ended up experiencing the worst year we have ever had.

It was hard to pick ourselves up from this difficult period. We had to find a home for our family. We had lived in church accommodation for the last ten years and so it was quite daunting to step into the private rental market.

My husband has had to seek new employment and has been through a difficult couple of years searching for new direction and purpose.

We have had to settle in to a new community, school and church.

I’m not saying that this time has been easy. It hasn’t – it’s been tough. Really tough!

I worried. I worried a lot.

Where would we live?

How could we survive financially?

How could we provide a stable, settled life for our children in a good school?

How could we find a new community where we could feel at home?

However, although we’ve had to trust in God before for what we’ve needed, we have never had so much up in the air in our lives before! There has never been so much uncertainty. So much change. So much loss.

Yet, it has been an awesome journey to walk along learning that God supplies all we need. All of it!

And my God will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus. Now to our God and Father be the glory forever and ever. Amen.

Philippians 4:19-20

It has been such a joy in my faith to watch the ways that God has cared for us and supplied what we’ve needed at this scary, uncertain time in our lives.

He has supplied a home for us to rent from an old friend which is old and quirky but is absolutely perfect for our family!

He has given us an opportunity to live closer to our families than we have for many years and we love the chance to see them lots.

He has provided for us financially – amazingly!

He has given us a wonderful community to live in with a brilliant school for the kids which they love.

We have been given strength during all this uncertainty and worry to keep going – a miracle for me as I struggle without security.

Such blessings!

As we have been on this journey of the joy of being dependent on God and seeing the riches He has supplied us with there have been a few things we have learnt along the way.

1. Joy of being surprised

There have been things along our journey that we have needed – without question. We needed somewhere to live and we prayed earnestly for a home to live in.

Yet, there were many things that God has supplied for us that we weren’t expecting.

After over a decade of serving in full-time ministry being in a position of seeking new employment and discovering new purposes for our lives have been difficult.

But, we have been blessed with more family time than we have ever had before. We have been able to both invest in parenting at a really important stage in our children’s lives. We have had the head space, energy and time to build our family and after a incredibly hard, emotional time this has been so restorative.

This wasn’t on our agenda though. We never realised that God had this in store for us and it has been a blessing He has surprised us with. His ways are higher than our ways…

2. Joy of knowing it’s because of grace

We don’t have to earn the favour of God. We don’t have to work at receiving His blessings.

After the experience we had we were feeling like we had failed. Like we had let God down. Although the breakdown in the ministry we were serving in was mainly down to a dysfunctional situation it was still easy to feel like we had stuffed up at times.

Therefore, sometimes when we were praying for help to move forwards and pick ourselves up we felt at times like we didn’t deserve it, like it was too audacious to pray for help when things had gone so wrong.

Yet, this was not how God saw it. What we deserve or don’t deserve doesn’t factor in to the way God blesses us. His blessings come from the equation of grace.

He blesses in abundance and there is nothing we can do to earn it. It’s just because He’s crazy about us!

3. Joy of the humility of dependence

Sometimes, we can get caught up in the drivenness of our fast-paced, high-acheiving world. We want to make things happen for ourselves. We get caught up in our ambitions and plans. It becomes more about us and less about God.

There is nothing wrong of making our hopes and dreams happen of course, but the life intended for us is one of dependence on God. Seeking Him for our needs. Understanding that He is Sovereign over all.

I have forgotten that at times.

Yet, when everything gets thrown up in the air in life, we are reminded of the glorious humility of handing our life over to God and being completely dependent on Him.


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  1. Beautifully written Melanie. Sometimes it’s hard to give everything over to God and put our trust in him that he will take care of all our needs. I find however that when I do let go and give everything over to our mighty, awesome creator my faith and awe of God increases as He never lets me down. He has provided for my family just as he has for yours – praise his mighty name :-).

    • Melanie Caldicott says:

      I’m so glad Lynda, that you have experience of this too. It is hard to hand things over and trust – but the rewards are great. Thanks for dropping by and sharing. Blessings.

  2. Well friend.. I think you’ve hit this joy thing spot on. To “struggle without security” and find joy because our security comes from Him. Praise God you experienced such rich blessings and growth during this season. Visiting from Fellowship Fridays! Be blessed.

    • Melanie Caldicott says:

      Thanks Lisha, so glad you dropped by. It’s easy to forget this in the world of abundance we have in our rich countries of America and Europe. Thanks for dropping by and sharing. Blessings.

  3. Melanie, I enjoyed reading your testimony. Especially liked that how you pointed out that even in following Jesus, life didn’t turn out the way you had expected but God has shown himself to be faithful.
    Wanda recently posted…The Friday Five: Good ReadsMy Profile

  4. Melanie,
    I can identify with your experiences. When God called me into full time ministry it was a real stretch of faith to me. However, some of my greatest testimonies have come out of it. He has proven Himself over and over again to be my Provider, Protector, Healer, Restorer….and so much more.

    Thanks for posting!
    Audrey recently posted…THE SIN OF UNBELIEFMy Profile

  5. We just stepped back into full-time ministry after a time away. So, although our circumstances are different, I can relate to a lot of this. Our worries were also financial, and what about health insurance, and what if our house doesn’t sell, etc. But we are finally settled in our new community and after a year of living here, it’s starting to feel more like home. We, too, have been blessed beyond what we could have imagined. I love the lessons you shared because we are still learning some of those things. Even though we’re serving full-time, we still have moments where we wonder if we’ve not done “enough.” Balance is so tricky. :) So, we’re in the midst of learning that it’s about Grace! Thanks for sharing.
    Jen Stults recently posted…My Everyday WorshipMy Profile

    • Melanie Caldicott says:

      Jen, thanks so much for sharing. It’s great to know that many of us share the same worries and struggles but that our God of grace provides for us through these times. Blessings.

  6. Praise God for His faithfulness! He knows what we need before we even ask Him, and He honors and blesses our faith in Him. Thanks for the beautiful post & for hosting, & God bless!
    Laurie Collett recently posted…Triplets of Faith: Were Adam and Eve Saved?My Profile

  7. i am just l like you! I find it very hard to find security in an insecure situation, when in reality, it is secure because its in God’s hands! God is always faithful!!
    Stephanie @ CrayonMarks&TigerStripes recently posted…{My So Called Life as a Submissive Wife} Q&A with Sara Horn and a Giveaway!My Profile

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