Waiting on God – How to Trust in God’s Timing

Waiting on God is hard. When we desperately need an answer to prayer and nothing seems to happen, our trust in God can be tested.

However, when we look back on these times we often see them as most influential in shaping our faith.

Waiting on God - How to Trust in God's Timing

Have you ever been in a situation when you have been waiting on God? Maybe you have been waiting for healing, for a new home, a job, or some other kind of change that you desperately need.

You’re trusting in God initially and patiently wait for Him to work, creating the transformation you have been praying for.

And nothing happens.

And nothing happens.

And nothing happens.

All the while people keep telling you to trust in God and the right thing will come along and to be honest they start to sound like just words. Platitudes with not much meaning. They lose their impact and you start to lose a bit of hope.

What if God isn’t going to answer my prayer? Time is running out. How do I keep trusting when it seems like nothing is changing?

I’m not going to deny that waiting on God is hard.

My husband and I are experiencing a situation where we are praying for change now and are having to wait on God. My husband’s contract finishes at the end of July and for the last 9 months he has been praying and searching for a new job. A few things have come up, but nothing has been successful.

Time is running out for us. We are facing the scary prospect of losing our income. My husband wakes up every morning experiencing the stress of not only financial pressures, but also the struggle with his own identity and purpose which all of this uncertainty brings.

We are trusting God for the outcome to this situation. But we know that He may not act according to our schedule. My husband may not find a new job before his existing contract runs out.

We are trusting in God’s timing which may be different to our timing.

But as for me, I trust in You, O Lord,
I say, “You are my God.”
My times are in Your hand;

Psalm 31:14-15

How can we keep trusting in God when we keep waiting and waiting?

1. When you’re waiting on God know that He wants to bless you

God wants to bless us. Sometimes we forget this.

We sometimes think that God wants us to behave ourselves, be a good girl and if we try really hard, we might see a little blessing thrown towards us here or there as a reward for our hard work.

We forget about His grace. The undeserved favour of God shown towards us freely.

Yet, the blessings God showers us with are not always what we are expecting.

We believe that God wants to bless my husband with the right work for him to use his gifts and abilities in. But He also wants to bless us with strengthened faith, trust and dependance on Him. Sometimes these things grow best during the times of waiting on God.

2. When you’re waiting on God it’s sometimes easier to see His purposes in hindsight

When we’re in the middle of waiting it can be very hard to understand why God isn’t seemingly answering our prayers when we think we need Him to. Yet, when we look back on things we can often see why God needed us to wait.

Sometimes, it might be clear that God was making us wait for the right thing to come along.

Or we might realise how much God grew us and shaped us during the waiting time.

Or we might see how what we thought we needed was different to the greater purposes God had in mind for us.

3. When you’re waiting on God know that He always hears our prayers

When we are going through hard times and are worrying about our future, God is always by our side. He feels compassion when we are in pain and He understands what we are going through. We may wonder why God seems to be silent, but we can always trust in His love for us and His great wisdom.

4. When you’re waiting on God know that He will be glorified

Sometimes the times in the Bible when people have had to wait on God have been the times when He has been glorified the most. When God’s power was seen most magnificently. When the most dramatic transformation happened in peoples’ lives. Sometimes the waiting on God enables us to see the greatest miracles.

An amazing book on this subject is Waiting on God by Cherie Hill. It has sold over 50,000 copies and is just $1.15 for the Kindle edition. How do we keep going when we pray and nothing seems to happen. When we are desperate to see change and God doesn’t seem to be listening. This book is a must for anyone who knows how it feels to wait on God.

It’s not always easy to see the purpose of the waiting. But we can trust in God’s wisdom, love and blessing. We may not always see the answers to prayer that we would like and according to the agenda that we think things need to happen by, but God has a plan for us.

This devotion has been republished from the archives in case you missed it first time round!


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